Friday, April 18, 2014

Strawberry's Ebbe Linden and Me Me, Air !

This is my first Berry's meme post so let me give this a go.  I have a second home that I took Ebbe Linden to and showed him all around at  Love Cats. Think he likes it, as he is still there.

Three things I would tell Ebbe is:
~ Atmosphere ~                                   Aair and Ebbe Linden // 2014 April
Promote premium sales of the mainland, by making it a better value for everyone. Sad to see so much empty space. Increase the number of people not the cost.
Create a Official SL Mentoring group, maybe create something special for 'teaching' institutions around SL, both kinds ones that are real life campuses with a SL presence and ones of SL with a virtual presence only.
Offer a potential for real world businesses to conduct business within SL. Lets Go!


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