Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Air a Second Lifer - Follow Me

As asked by: Strawberry Singh March 16 for Monday's Meme
  1. My perception of Second Life. I marvel at the creative talent in world.I don't hear much about Second Life in mainstream media, mostly from those involved in SL.
  2. No one in my RL is aware or seems interested in SL, so they remain very separate. 
  3. My RL career is also a high pressure job, and SL is my place to just relax and enjoy learning something completely creative. So much to be involved in, sometimes I wish I had more time, but its a good thing. Not sure, SL would provide me with a living. That is what I am most impressed with of other content creators making a living in RL. 
  4. I enjoy taking photos for my flickr, and attempting to mangle prims and simply make mesh pre fabs pretty. I maintain my beautiful sim, hang with a few friends and love listening to music of all kinds. Favorite is dance music as it's upbeat.


Special thanks to Strawberry for this challenge. I will to be making more videos because of it.


  1. Loved your choice of song for the video, had me dancing in my seat! Thanks for participating. <3 :D

    1. It was my goal to get you (and everyone) to dance. Mission accomplished. I had lots of fun too,
      Thank you Berry!