Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meme - I love Saturday

I feel like one of the last to post the Monday Meme's for Strawberry's Meme,
well this week Berry has a guess filling in, Edie Sedgwick.  Hi Edie!  Welcome, and good topic.  Took me all week to think on this one. 
Crispy Saturday Air

1-3. Saturday!   I met Saturday my first week I joined SL, it was a chance meeting. I love that Saturday lets me be creative and gives me the time I like to spend time with my friends sometimes listening to music other times exploring the art sims, mostly Saturday lets me twist a few prims around. Hugs  to Saturday!
4. The place I love to hang out is on my homestead, i've a new place i'm working on,  Love Cats, feels so big. Drop in for a visit! It's too quiet here.  let me know what you think, it's a place in the making.  Hoping for Love Cats to become a nice small hang out. It takes some time considering It's mostly a Saturday only sort of project, like Saturday, Fun! 
5. Love Slink feet
6. Love the beating of the heart  //pitter patter pitter patter // 
    and taking your breath away with a glance.    
7. No Regrets!  
8. Each day is a gift, specially after the sudden loss of my best friend, struck by a truck, when 10.
9. love the music, art, computers      .  hate . war, hunger, poverty
10. black

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